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Dear Brimbug members, the 12th of June Monthly meeting has been cancelled as several Committee members are not able to attend due to prior commitments.

Next meeting 10th July.

  • Contact     Ferdi    0409 384 977

Highlights of these minutes:

  • Ferdi and Ray Heinze met with Nick Mann, Open Space Manager of Brimbank Council. It was indicated to Nick that our organisation was looking for some action on the ground. Matters such as signage, road markings, links of existing paths and facilities for bikes were again stressed. Ferdi also requested that the exit from the Freeway Overpass which leads into Somerton Street, North Sunshine be resurfaced with a smooth entry to the street. At present the pathway is extremely rough. Ray said that Nick is hoping to bring the strategy plan to our June meeting.
  • Graeme, Ferdi and Ray met Steve Rando and Andrew Johnson at Vic. University, Flinders St. City Office in regard to the logo design. The original quote of $1090 has been revised to around $590, and the restrictions on ownership lifted. The designs expected before the next meeting.
  • John Shadbolt mentioned that he had met with Graeme and Ferdi and discussed the type of website required. He expected to have Website and Email matters available for next meeting.