BrimBUG web site is live!

Welcome to the new web site of BrimBUG. This web site has been created to provide an easy way for us to distribute information relating to the BUG, our rides, and our advocacy efforts.

Over the course of the next month, photo capability will be added to show we are an active group. Now is the time to send all of your best photos of BrimBUG to

All comments and suggestions are welcome!

2 Responses to “BrimBUG web site is live!”

  1. Fernando Olmos Says:

    G’day Ray, Ferdi, Graeme, and members…
    This is a fantastic website. Great work!
    I was wondering if maybe the colours of the website should reflect the logo or vice versa? But overall the layout is fantastic. What about a background image of the logo as the main background, un-scrollable, would look great!
    Take care and see you around.

  2. stephen vassallo Says:

    l would like to join ya bike club lm not a real good rider tho l have a specailzed hard rock mountian bike with road tyres l will be in american as of the 5th of oct till the last week in oct ,,have fun riding and be safe

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